This time I post a series of acrostics using the word COVID-19, a common term around the world due to the situation that humanity is experiencing today…The acrostics refer to conjectures, fictions or realities about this new world.

These acrostics belong to a complete composition of 40 acrostics originally written in Spanish: “True” or “false” prophecy on COVID-19? Invite you to read them and identify them… Can you get it? Share or respond silently or commenting.

“Covid-19” was defined by “members of the World Health Organization (WHO)”, probably based on coronavirus (corona”, “virus”) and “disease” and, finally, the year (2019) in which the new coronavirus appeared. Or, perhaps, they inferred the name of same virus family (“COronaVIriDae), plus the year 2019.

Osfelip bazant

Read it completely in Spanish here.

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