May 17, 2017

Dear Readers:
I don’t need to say all young people possess an admirable naivety in our illusions that shape our future and our lives over time, because who has not had dreams as a kid? Everyone has kept the essence of believing that everything will reach one day if we wish for it… And for this, each one must start by going toward their goals through the first step —my reason to decide to try it now— With this blog, which has the name of my favorite poetic structure, I finally acquire a space for my personal expression and, at the same time, for the dissemination of my writings.

Letters about sonnets. CUENTAUNSONETO. Sonnet. SONNETS. My pleasure for literary works has made me a passionate and restless adolescent who look for a position in the literary world without oppression or maltreatment by modernist critics, so I cannot get a better way to share my thoughts than by publishing stories, letters, poems and more compositions on this site.
I began to write at the age of sixteen, and in those days I did not stop for a moment because I had just finished writing, I started another one and another one writing, according to my own inspiration. This it was pleasant and extraordinary, and when I say «pleasant» and «extraordinary,» I say it with all the meaning of both words, since few people warn that when they do something well learned in life, they also have received a range of emotions that will accompany them for eternity. For my part, I have reached certain faculties regarding the world of the letters: all ideas are original and of mine, unpublished in many cases.
Forming words with letters keeps me excited and proud, but not proud of me, but of what I have already created, since the writers has no other purpose than to present their works to be seen and read, and these already seen and read gain a value and remain forever. I now have a considerable number of literary texts: some of them I have kept, and others I have lost; however, on my account I will upload both my initial and new compositions whenever possible.
I am a little obsessed with the sonnet – those who know me, know it – or maybe I am immensely, in a unique way, and it all started with my first contact with this structure: it caused me an unexplained agitation and attraction. At first, I supposed that it was only a poem like the others read in school, but as I looked for more sonnets-without knowing what they really were, with all their characteristics-I stuck in those feelings and expressions. After a while I wanted so much to compose them, and I achieve many: in one day I made up to three sonnets in less than fifteen minutes, although of course they were very wrong done, since they simply kept the rhyme, assonating rhyme with variable distribution, ordered in the four stanzas, and with an asymmetrical measure. I am still making them today, but not often, because when I want to get one every day, with perfection, I do not find the time or the place to do it; nevertheless, every time I try to elaborate them without distraction.
At present poetry promotes that the sonnet is gradually lost among the affection of new poets, but this structure, which is strong and firm, has preserved a respectable presence and that, although it usually diminishes in this century, there will always be those who take it back as it was established in antiquity. I return and follow the sonnet a thousand times more than another poem, a thousand times more than another literary work. That’s why I want to invite you to read my sonnets and to do them yourselves, too. Never leave them and put them back to the apogee that they had … I really want to get it, I want to give them their peculiar sparkle, but I cannot alone, I need your help. Meanwhile I will never cease to make sonnets, no matter what happens, because…

I always will write a sonnet! 

This letter is insufficient to express myself in relation to this poem, so I will must to produce others about it, then with calmness. For now I just intend to assign you the task of seeing beyond poetry and that all you intend to discover in it what I had discovered … And when you read a sonnet, do not inspect it with harsh indifference, but with the same respectful depth with which you defend your own being, and reflect on it, that it will suddenly teach you many things that nobody is yet willing to clarify …
Finally, First Readers, I invite you with great joy to review without stopping all my literary creations contained in this page. I hope to have your visits and your support. There are several sections that you may like, so explore them, one by one … Inspect them with critical sense and at the same time with humanism, taking as object not only to understand, but to feel any of my writings …
I find it rewarding to organize a small team of committed sonnets. My intention is to «revolutionize» the sonnet and restart it in a certain way to the old ingenuity.
Remember, the sonnets have a long existence from the classical poets: they never expire and are faithfully guarded by heart in some people.
Please share this letter to your friends. Thank you very much.




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